H&S Breakfast

It would be great to see a H&S breakfast option.

Everything that is breakfast in the Industry at the moment is either a normal shake taken at breakfast or porridge. I work outside a lot of winter and it would something warm woukd be a major plus!

As someone who dislikes porridge first thing in the morning it would be great to have something else.

Im thinking tomatoes, beans, mushrooms and so on.

Any other flavour ideas for a H&S breakfast?

We do have a recipe for porridge on our website (made from Huel powder) Berry and Cinnamon Porridge – Huel

Ooh yum, I’ll pass on the flavour suggestion to our product team! I would personally love a Huel porridge for on-the go too so :crossed_fingers:

A breakfast porridge with fruits and nuts would go down well im sure, not my thing but I bet it would sell


I posted a suggestion for an H&S breakfast a while ago and am glad to see that others are feeling similarly. As mentioned in my earlier post, I’d like something that resembles a scramble, in the same way that the Mac & Cheeze resembles Mac & Cheese. :wink: I know there are vegan egg simulacrums out there, so it should be doable. Perhaps with some bakon or sawsage (haha), et al. If it can come out with a somewhat fluffy texture, that was be amazing. Please don’t only do a porridge. No insult to porridge intended. :wink:

Frankly, I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan, so I actual egg would be fine with me, but I also understand that this minimizes the audience, so if you can pull of a fake egg, that’d be excellent.


That’s an interesting recipe! I was expecting to see Huel mixed with oats and made into a porridge. I keep meaning to work out a sweet morning Huel porridge (with oats) but haven’t got round to it yet!