A 'Chunky' Huel

I ordered a week’s supply to try out, and so far so good. The flavour’s pleasant and reminiscent of a very smooth porridge.

This prompted me to try mixing it with far less water than suggested to try and make a ‘thick’ Huel which you’d eat with a spoon. This was relatively successful, but more like a cake mix than a porridge, and has left me wondering if there’s room for a ‘chunky’ version of Huel based around oats rather than oat flour (in addition to the smooth version, of course).

It may be utterly impractical and/or I may be the only person who likes the idea, but I’d certainly be interested in having both options.

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Sounds interesting, I’d also like a savoury flavour option for variety during the day.

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Hi @robgib and @sarthek,

Both interesting ideas. When trying different formulas for Huel I had trouble sourcing coconut flour so used desiccated coconut which was rather nice, every so often you get to bite into a small chunk of coconut.

A few people have asked for a savoury flavour, so we are looking into it, which savoury flavour would appeal to you?

No ideas with regards to the savoury flavour (although I like the idea), but I’ll definitely have to try and get some coconut flavouring…

I’ve decided it’s not worth the time and cleaning to blend completely smooth so going to a porridge like mix seems a good idea. It could be made liquid as a chewy drink! Try a plain porridge taste so can add flavour to suit, I’m going to try Marmite as I have a jar other vegan spreads are available. Would it be possible to sell added flavours separately for a choice each time avoiding having to produce different packs which would be open for longer?

@robgib you have read my mind. Yes separate flavours makes perfect sense. Coming soon. :slight_smile: