Huel cereal


I really enjoy huel, however I find that I missing chewing ! I do actually like it when there a few lumpy bits as it almost tastes like little oaty/wheety bites.

I was wondering if there was any interest in developing huel cereal? Eaten with milk/water/fruit juices? I don’t know about you, but I think it could be quite magical! Obviously less convenient, but quite a nice way to mix up the usual shake.

Any thoughts?


I’ve started putting desiccated coconut in mine (15g) and as I’m only shaking, and not blending, it leaves that to chew on as I drink :slight_smile:

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Cool idea! It always annoying though when the nutrition on cereal accounts for the milk you ‘use’ though. Ideally we would create something you could just add water maybe!

I too, love the chew!

(sorry I just had coffee)


That is true!

Hmm maybe like huel “crispies” which you could:

  • Add to shakes
  • Eat alone with water
  • Eat with milk as cereal
  • Eat a handful as a snack

First I think they should create the bar in different flavours.


I would love some Huel cereal. What I mean by this is a highly nutritional cereal that I can have every morning - I think I’d enjoy having Huel with some crunchy seeds and oats in it to make a great cereal.

I currently use low sugar muesli or high fibre bran wheat sticks or a combination of more cereals and fruit or nuts, cold milk, some cocoa powder for taste and a scoop of Huel for my breakfast cereal. It tastes great and gives me a little of everything I need to start my day off.

Had to keep so quiet when you wrote this! Check it out on my,


I’m excited! Mine should be here today! Loving the new improved flavour Tim! Very Vanilla’y - not sure thats even a word haha lol