Variety Pack

Hi all,

I’m a long term on again and off again Huel user - I absolutely love the idea of it, but have just never settled into the right routine.

With the apocalypse upon us, it seemed like a good idea to take another look, but with the variety of flavours, plus the flavour packs I’m a little reluctant to spend another £50 (particularly as money might be tough over the next few months) on a flavour I might end up not enjoying - this was how my last 2 tries finished.

If Huel sold a variety pack like cereal I’d happily overpay to give each flavour a proper try.

How did you settle on a flavour? A routine? Help!

Thanks very much,


I started with the classic flavour which is the Vainilla one as my frequent Huel intake. Then I tried different flavours until I discovered U/U which I hated at the beginning (maybe because I am spaniard and not used to porridge) but after giving it another try and tweaking it I ended with U/U as the 95% of my Huel intake. I only use a little of Huel Vainilla as a flavour sometimes.

Normally I use U/U as my meal and as breakfast if its an intense day. I always add a pinch of salt and maybe some spices like curry, paprika and so on.

I recommend you to try U/U but its not for everybody. Its the only one that doesnt use sucralose and its the easiest to tweak if you want to try and experiment flavours like with pure cocoa, natural vainilla and so on.

My routine started and a geek thing and it consolidated when I brought to the office. Now I work from home and I continue using it.

What do you mean with the cereal? Have you tried Huels Granola?