Bring back Huel granola!

It’s the only Huel food that genuinely is easy and delicious. I use the powders and get on with them, but with the blending and refrigerating over night and mixing in my own stuff to make the taste and consistency how I like it really is a premeditated meal.

The granola is amazing because it’s poor and go- instant delicious and healthy.

Please bring it back :(…


I would also like Huel granola to return but my reasons for liking it are different to yours. I like granola without the added fruits that come with them and Huel original achieved this. I agree that cereal can be poured and enjoyed (with milk) at any time.e of day. I found it particularly satisfying after a late night game of Squash. I miss the taste and texture.


for a young company that’s made it into profitability and sustained growth - bringing back their worst selling (by a large margin) product doesn’t seem likely.

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I too loved Granola, ate it every day for breakfast and as an occasional snack whenever. Though I quite understand the reasons why it was discontinued, it was still hugely upsetting to me when stocks finally ran out. No other granola or muesli hit the spot like Huel Granola.


Quite pricy but I still defend that with a great campaign Huel granola could have been the best selling product for the masses


Maybe they could open-source the recipe?

There is a a company called Queal that offers an equivalent product.

Queal Ready is ‘a just add water’ instant oatmeal/porridge product not a granola so equivalent only in the sense they are intended for breakfast use, Essentially it’s more or less the same as their vegan shake product but with the ingredients not milled as much and dried cranberries added.

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Yes… So much waste because is a single use product and the price is super expensive. Good for camping but not for everyday.

I haven’t tried it because I don’t like solid stuff…just saw it and thought it might be useful to some of you…I was just trying to help…

This week, I have opened my latest Granola box… Last days with Granola breakfast. :sob:
And then, what? Queal Ready porridge?
Sad days…

Since Granola went out of production I have returned to my usual porridge made with Quaker Rolled Oats (not the instant sachets) and milk in the microwave. I add a good helping of frozen blueberries or frozen fruits if I don’t have any fresh.

and here I am joining late in the game meaning I couldn’t even give Granola a try. But that was my usual breakfast routine before Huel Black. :slight_smile: