Huel Stomach Cramps

Anyone else had weird stomach cramps like this?
Third week of Huel. Mostly breakfast and lunch but I went for Huel as all three on Monday.
I am using Huel as a weight loss tool and the last couple of days I’ve been hitting the 1500 calorie goal I have on myfitnesspal. (I know a bit low for a male).

The last few days I’ve had stomach pain, which have been stopping me getting to sleep. Sort of like empty stomach pains. A little nausea, don’t feel too exhausted or that. The only big change in Huel I’ve made is I was mostly on Berry, now finished and on Vanilla so if there’s a big difference in those I’m not sure the effect that may be different in Vanilla? I may be using Huel wrong but it made me feel a bit strange?!

I might add I’m going to normal calories, today to see how I feel and normal food for dinner so will see how I go. I also have a chocolate bag and Huel granola come today as options instead of vanilla?

This is odd. The only differences between Berry and Vanilla is the flavour system, the core ingredients and there amounts are the same.

It may be that the fibre in three lots of Huel is too much. As it’s been a few days and you only had 3 Huels on Monday it could well be something else in your diet too. Try going back down to 2 Huel meals a day and you can give 3 another go in a couple of weeks to see if it was a one off.

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Felt a lot better after going to normal calories yesterday. Had a chocolate so far today and it’s been OK. I’ve also had some natural yoghurt to see if that balances the stomach and it seems to have. Feeling pretty good today and this feeling is gone. Having vanilla/chocolate mix for lunch with normal food for dinner. My stomach seems alright today.

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Had stomach cramps about 2 to 3 week in. Put it down to fibre and upped water intake. Helped me