Yesterday was a Huel free day

and my bowels were so much better.

Like a number of other people I have experiences problems with Huel when it comes to digestion, bloating, wind, diarrhoea etc

I love Huel as I struggle to take on enough calories with a normal diet but having a day off has made me realise how much I had put up with feeling meh.

Has anyone found any good alternatives which are as healthy? I don’t want any that contain sugar or soy. At the moment I tend to have one scoop vanilla with 2 scoops unflavoured - I wouldn’t want it any sweeter to be honest.

Also I have noticed that on the very rare occasions I eat unhealthily I have much better bowel movements and digestion in general - does anyone have any ideas why this could be?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you just haven’t been settling down with your Huel. If you want to look at alternatives, which we totally understand if you’ve tried everything, then head to or the complete food Reddit page.

It’s interesting that you find your bowel movements are better with unhealthy food - is it possible your body hasn’t adjusted yet to higher fibre diet?

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Thanks Tim - very useful link!

On very rare occasions (normally when I’m travelling) I eat unhealthy so it isn’t a matter of adjustment. Obviously I don’t want to eat unhealthy foods if I can help it but it would be great to get to the bottom of it!

Thanks again.

I’m currently experimenting with vanilla vs UU huel. So far I’m quite fine with UU but vanilla seems to give me wind and loose stools. My results aren’t conclusive yet but since you’re asking now, I suggest having a look at UU

Strange how things are different for everyone. Whenever I consume Huel regularly, I have the opposite effect and my ‘bathroom experiences’ are the best they have ever been.

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I’m the total opposite… I mainly consume Huel these days as I get very bad IBS with most foods. Last night I decided to have a low fat pork mince burrito. It tasted great bu tI then spent the next 2 hours having frequent (5 times!) trips to the bathroom.

I’ll think twice before eating regular food again!