Surely the ‘poop’ issues are with the Flax?

I’m new to Huel- one week in and loving it. I only replace 1 meal - 3 scoops and after a few days it has started to leave me feeling satisfied and losing a few pounds already. I feel really good.i have not had any ‘toilet’ issues but on reading some of the comments on the topic then it must be due to the flax seed?
Someone said on here (and I don’t know how true it is) that there is approx 12g of flaxseed per 100g. It is recommended that we have only 50g flaxseed a day otherwise it causes issues such as the ones mentioned. If people are using this as a total replacement then they are having 4 x recommended intake of Flaxseed and that is causing the problems? If that is the case then should it really be recommended as a full dietary replacement? I only intend to use as one meal replacement and as I said - absolutely loving it.

The recommendations for a daily Huel intake are 400g per day.

This would equate to 48g of flaxseed, within the recommended limits.

I must say I am very impressed with the balance the nutritionists have created with Huel.

Good job guys! :sunglasses:

Great. I think people who are trying to replace all of their food with Huel should take note. You are right- taken in the proper amount it is Fabulous :heart::heart_eyes::+1:xx