Flaxseed Omega3


It’s great that HUEL supplies mine body with Omega 3. But actually flaxseeds has only ALA type and what mine body needs is EPA and DHA types. Human body is not very good at converting ALA chains into EPA and DHA which are most benefitial (ALA is not very beneficial)

Do you think it’s a good idea to add seaweed to HUEL recipe?


EPA and DHA are not essential fats. When you refer to ALA do you mean alpha linolenic acid? This is essential.

We are exploring other fat options in Huel

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Hi James,

It seems that Huel contains high amounts of ALA in order to provide enough EPA and DHA after conversion losses (according to your site).

There have been studies linking high amount of ALA to increased prostate cancer. For example the harvard’s page states it quiet clearly.

Can you confirm that Huel contains significantly less ALA than what these studies have found to be potentially harmful for men?

Thanks for your time.

Hi @bogn - the link you’ve provided, doesn’t reference the 2 studies it mentions in the text: I’d be interested in reading them. What level do they claim to be harmful and how have they come to that conclusion?

The ALA in Huel is all naturally occurring and at levels desirable for a healthy diet.

I cannot find the specific studies mentioned in the harvard’s page, but there’re plenty of other sources in google scholar. For example here and here you can find 2 related review papers.

From what I’ve read they do not list an exact threshold regarding ALA intake, but they found correlation in the groups exhibiting higher ALA amounts in their blood against other groups with lower ALA amounts.