Guide to EPA and DHA in Huel

Hi Huelers,

Our Guide to EPA and DHA in Huel is now live.


I’m not a scientist, and besides, I’m not native English either. sorry in advance. I’m evaluating the use of HUEL for lunch about 4 times a week at work.
I did a little research on the excess of omega 3, and I found this:

I did this little research, thinking: what about the non-converted ALA? (“The total amount of omega-3s in Huel Version 2.2 is 14.4g based on a 2,000kcal intake”)
could all this omega3 ALA (necessary to convert it to the right dose of EPA and DHA) hurt?

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Hi @ciro

Thanks for raising this valid point. The main concern the article mentions is over-supplementation with EPA and DHA; some people are indeed consuming really high amounts. All the omega-3s in Huel are naturally occurring from the main ingredients, primarily flaxseed and the principal form is ALA.

In my article, I discuss the conversion and, at this level based on a 2000-calorie per day consumption, the amount of conversion of ALA to EPA & DHA is not vastly over the minimum optimum amount. Indeed, there appears to be some kind of regulation of conversion, ie it’s more efficient at lower levels.


Thank you very much! I readed the article and actually talk about the effect of an excess of EPA and HDA, not ALA, as you say.
I’d like there to be some research on ALA. however I will try the product 2/3 times a week.

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