After having Huel 1-2 times per day for a few years my Omega-6:omega-3 is 25:1

I’ve been having Huel powder and Hot and Savoury 1-2 times per day pretty consistently for years, so I was quite surprised when I got blood test results back and my Omega-6:omega-3 (AA:EPA) ratio says 25.1:1 where it should be more like 2:1.

Do you find it odd that even with Huel which has a lot of Omega-3 (granted ALA only) that my ratio is off by so much? Have others here seen similar results?

I’m going to start adding flax or chia seeds to my cereal in the morning or perhaps taking algae supplements.

For what it’s worth, I don’t eat fish so haven’t had any other good sources of non-ALA Omega-3 in years, so that may be the cause. That said I seem to be getting enough ALA on paper to convert enough

Hi Keeyan, welcome to the Huel forum.

Your omega-6:omega-3 ratio will depend on a few factors. Huel is nutritionally complete at 2000kcal so it’s important to consider what else you’re eating in your diet.

You’re absolutely right on paper it may seem like you have enough, but different people have different abilities to convert ALA to EPA.

So you don’t have to make large changes to your diet, I’d recommend an algae supplement that contains a good amount of EPA and DHA.

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Thanks @Dan_Huel, yeah I was thinking that I’m only having a meal or 2 per day so shouldn’t expect that to reach my nutritional needs. However, considering a single serving of Huel seems to have a few grams of Omega-3 which is around the recommended dosage, I thought it would at least be enough for my ratio to not be that bad, but I suppose as you say everyone converts ALA to EPA/DHA differently so maybe that’s enough for someone else but not for me.

Thanks for your advise. I think I’m going to try eating more Chia and Flaxseeds and see if that makes a difference over the next few months and if not I’ll definitely take a supplement as you suggested.

No problem at all!

If you’re interested, we have an in-depth article on this topic.

What test did you do to find this out?

I ran these 2 tests from Thriva:

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Hey. I am new here, and just ordered my first 3 bags, but I am a bit concerned about the high amount of sunflower oil all the products contain, since this is a major source of omega 6, which could create this imbalance. Could Huel consider changing this fat source to a less omega 6 rich one/healthier one or at least mak eone without so one could e.g. add onces own olive oil…?

It is the only ingredience that troubles me, but it is a quite bad one, that might prevent me from becoming a regular cliente.

Best, C

Yeah I was thinking the same. I’m not a nutritionist or anything so I may be way off here, but from looking at the portions, considering it’s all ALA omega-3 the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 seems off by quite a bit. I feel like if they halved the Omega-6 levels that would be better

Hey Caroline, good question and we do address this in the article I linked above.

In short, there isn’t an imbalance and Huel v3.0 has an omega-3:omega-6 ratio of around 1:1.

I am actually in the process of creating a really simple post for Instagram about this very topic as I think there is a ton of misinformation out there on seed oils, although it doesn’t go into as much depth as ratios!

How have you managed that? It only came out in December 2020 didn’t it? That’s a year and four months ago.

I should have been a bit clearer. I’ve been having Huel 1-2 times per day for a few years. Originally it would be 1-2 meals of Huel Powder, but when Hot & Savoury was released I started having 1 Hot & Savoury a day and/or 1 powder

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