Omega 3 vs 6 - Ratios?

From looking at the nutritional information, it says that 100g of Huel has:

  • 2.8g Omega 3
  • 3g Omega 6

I thought it was better to have a ratio with more 3 than 6?

Or does it depend on other factors, such as where the omegas come from?

Should I be supplementing with omega 3 to get the benefits associated with them?


@JCW here is some info on the essential fatty acids:

I do know we will are tweaking the ratio in v1.3

@JamesCollier can give a more precise answer.

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We are, as a population, supposed to be trying to consume more omega3s and imporve the ratio, but that’s becuase it’s so well off. The goal for us is 1:2 omega3:6, so we should have more omega6 than 3. Interestingly, some of the US intakes are more like 1:20!

This ratio has been picked up before, but more that people feel that the ratio should be improved in respect of 6s. I’m tweaking it for V1.3 and looking into all aspects including making sure that EPA and DHA requirements are met. Here’s some bedtime reading: