Sunflower Oil Powder

Looking through the ingredients list for Huel, everything looks ‘OK’ apart from Sunflower Oil Powder.

Can anyone from Huel explain why Huel uses Sunflower Oil Powder as an ingredient and what variety of sunflower oil is used?

The reason I ask is that sunflower oil has one of the worst Omega 3 to 6 ratios out of all food products (1:8), but varies significantly depending on the type used.

Partially hydrogenated sunflower oil also contains trans fats, which is why I’m asking for clarification on the type of sunflower oil used. I know the Huel label says that there are zero trans fats, but when I read ‘Sunflower Oil’ as an ingredient in anything processed, I’m immediately sceptical.

Thanks for the message, @JamesCollier is pretty busy at HQ right now but I’ve no doubt he will answer this. I can help regarding the ratios of 6s:3s by referring you to the Good Fats and Bad Fats article that James wrote:

The level of polyunsaturated fats in Huel provide an ideal ratio of omega-3s:omega-6s – i.e. just under 1:1. The total polyunsaturates level in Huel is higher than some sources recommend; for example, the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (2014) suggest polyunsaturates should be below 10% of total energy intake (3). But these recommendations are based on data collected from people who consume high fat junk foods where the polyunsaturates have been exposed to oxidative damage. The polyunsaturates in Huel are from natural ingredients that have been protected from oxidation. The higher level of polyunsaturates in Huel is necessary to provide sufficient ALA conversion to EPA and DHA, as well as ample LA; at 10% of the total energy intake, there wouldn’t be sufficient amounts at 2,000 calories for the optimal intakes of the fatty acids discussed above.

The fat in Huel is provided not just by the sunflower oil powder but also the MCT and flaxseed. I know James would agree that the balance of fat in Huel is one of the areas that makes the Huel formula so unique.

I hope I have gone some way to helping answer the questions, wait out on James for the rest.

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I suppose looking at the whole picture of Huel and not a single ingredient is probably the best thing. Like you say, the omega 3/6 ratio for Huel as a product is actually very good, so the ratio is balanced through the other ingredients like Flaxseed increasing the omega-3 levels.

Hi - we use sunflower oil as we need to include some omega-6s - they’re essential. The omega-3:6 of Huel is excellent. The transa fats are minimal.

I hope you are no longer sceptical.

Also plus ten Huel points for the username Huelio Iglesias :joy:

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