Sunflower oil

Just wondering about the Sunflower Oil powder. Do excuse me if this sounds abit over the top, but isn’t there significant amount of research that seed oils(sunflower oil) containing omega 6s are heavily pro inflammatory link to numerous diseases and conditions? Just wondering if there is alternative? Would Hemp oil be to expensive/to many omega 3/taste weird/just as bad or worse? Probably something mentioned before and curious on thoughts.

It is true that sunflower oil is really heavy in omega-6 (up to1/70), However, you need to take into account that Huel does not solely use sunflower oil,but a mix of MCT (coconut), flaxseed (rich in omega-3) and sunflower oil (omega-6).
What is often important is the omega 3/6 ratio being somewhere around 1/1-1/3, since excessive omega-6 levels are the cause of the inflamatory response that you mention, cvd, and cancer among other things (simopoulos AP, 2002).
This together with MUFA>PUFA>>SFA is the very general guideline for an acceptable fat composition in a meal replacement.

Besides, sunflower oil on its own has certain health benefits, like being a vitamin E carrier.
I’m sure the nutritionist will be able to give you a more detailed answer, but I hope this helps

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We include sunflower oil primarily as it’s a great source of linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid; ie we cannot survive without a certain amount. The negative information you hear about sunflower oil is based on the fact that a lot of junk foods are made with it where it is oxidised. However, the sunflower oil in Huel is protected from oxidation and we also run oxidation tests to certify the quality of our products. Moreover, Huel is rich in omega-3s (over a 1:1 ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s).

Please have a read of our articles both of which go into more detail:


Thanks for the reply, the whole oxidation of omega 6’s is what I had read in my hypochondriac way. But thanks for the information, exactly what I was after!

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