Huel + Myprotein Supplements (Good together or too much?)

Morning all,

I’m looking to start using Vanilla Huel as a breakfast replacement but also take a multivitamin and omega-3 each morning.

Could i be duplicating here and just get away with taking Huel or could they both benefit each other?

Below are the other two products i use, apologies if i shouldn’t be posting their links.

Thanks in advance.

You can find all the info about Huel’s nutrition in their webpage.

However, let me help you out with this as well as I can.

As you can see one serving of 100g (you would need 5 servings of 100g a day for 2,000kcal/// 1 scoop is usually about 38g) would give you 1/5 of the values.
So for most of the vitamins you would still fall short with one serving. The highest amounts for the micronutrients are Manganese, Molybdene and Vit C.

You would struggle to reach the "toxicity levels for these. For instance the upper level for Vitamin C is 2000mg and a full day of Huel will only give you 300%.

I do not know how the rest of your diet is, but I don’t think taking the vitamin supplement will do you any arm. (not saying will do you any better either, all depends if you can reach the daily recommended through the foods you eat).

As for the omega-3, 100g of Huel have 3g of omega-3. WHO and ESFA agree that somewhere betweeen 0.25-0.5g is enough for most. So why this discrepancy?

It’s explained by Huel here. Summary, Huel contains ALA (and not EPA and DHA, which come from fish oil). Sufficient levels of EPA and DHA are linked with health benefits. ALA can be converted to EPA and DHA, but the conversion efficiency is not very good (<20% and <10% respectively). A conservative figure for a daily Huel diet might be 1.37g of DHA+EPA (omega-3). Therefore even 1/5 of daily Huel (100g serving) should be enough to cover your omega-3 needs.

Summary. Vitamins maybe I would keep them if you are not sure you will get them through your diet.
Omega-3 I do not see it necessary as Huel is a very rich source. If you do, 1 pill should be enough.


Appreciate the response. If my maths is right, 3 scoops would be just over 114g which would be about 400kcal.

I’m looking to just take this for breakfast so that should cover the omega-3 requirement and i’ll add the multi-vit on top.

With your suppose to take 4 a day which is what concerned me about having to much alongside Huel.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Oh, I had not noticed that. Take two and make it last twice as long :joy: