Vitamin/Mineral and Omega 3 supplements


Would using Huel for 1 meal a day cover all the vitamins and minerals I am currently getting from my supplements (Centrum performance)…same goes for Omega 3 capsules?

I would like to place an order, and this is the only question I have.



Hi Luke,

Using Huel for one meal a day wouldn’t give you all the vitamins and minerals you get from Centrum performance no. Those tablets are for an entire days vitamins, whereas a meals worth of Huel is just for a meals worth!

Thanks for the feedback, that’s helpful and it makes sense.

I was being over cautious I guess, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t about to go way over the top with what I was taking.

If you’re interested in omega 3s, you might find this a useful read:

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Thanks James that did make interesting reading and has taught me lots. I’m in! The more I read the more it makes sense.

I’m going to try Huel for two of my three meals a day with no supplements and see how I feel after a couple of weeks.



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Cool - look forward to hearing how you’ve got on :slight_smile:

EDIT: I realise ALA is a bit different from EPA and DHA, so please disregard my upper statement. I do not know much about Alpha-Lipoic Acid.


I think Luke left the building aeons ago.


You know, I think you’re right. I didn’t time travel far back enough. :confused:

Classic Devin!

Regarding supplements: What do you think makes sense?

Currently I am only taking large doses of Vitamin C and Zinc (several grams a day) due to it being a good antioxidant, available in powdered form and relatively cheap. It also aids the cross-linking of collagen-fibers.

I considered adding stronger antioxidants like alpha-lipoic acid or astaxanthine or other beneficial things like collagen powder. As these are quite expensive I would be interested in hearing your opinion on that.

Thank you in advance!

Hey, personally I wouldn’t take any supplements purely for their antioxidant function. Please reduce your zinc intake as high doses over long periods of time could have several negative heath effects.

Don’t forget Huel products are already high in vitamin C and zinc! Most fruits and vegetables also contain vitamin C, particularly red peppers.

What do you think about Q10, OPC or alpha lipoic acid?

Q10 has a lot of hype surrounding it but the evidence doesn’t match this hype. OPC has even less evidence. As a rule of thumb there really aren’t many supplements I’d recommend.

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Would be nice if Huel offered a creatine supplement, even separately not as a part of Huel. It’s impossible to find a reliable creatine supplement that contains what it claims.

Last year I had one tested, from a big brand that claimed 99.9% purity, and it was only around 60% pure, rest was creatinine. The company then claimed they were just a reseller, and that it must have degraded as a result of storage issues or transport issues. Gave money back but no note on their website about it.

That’s interesting. You can buy products that have been approved by legitimate third party testing companies such as Lab Door. Does that help?

German made, lab tested. Perhaps an option and and the manufacturer .

What types of supplements would you recommend then?

If needed (so depending on your diet and conditions, if any) vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron are my top 3.