Oxidation when opened

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Regards from Spain, sorry for my poor English.

I am just waiting my first order of Huel. I have been trying Joylent, but I do not like the idea of eating so much maltodextrine. So now I am trying Huel.

My question arises from the large size of Huel’s bag. Huel has vitamins. I wonder whether the content of vitamins decreases when the bag is opened, due to oxidation.

Should be worried about this issue?


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Hey @PacoA

Great questions, yet there will some decrease but that is already taking into account. The shelf life of Huel is 1 year, so if you open for a week or two it shouldn’t be a problem. The pouch only holds 3 days worth, so we expect most user to consumer a pouch in less than 2 weeks.

Thanks for the reply.

However, do you think is a good idea to use a vacuum container if we are not going to use it for, i.e., 4 days?

A vacuum container is perfect if you have one and it’s not much hassle but it’s certain not essential.

Even when opened, the losses of lablile micronutrients will be minimal over as much as a few months. But best keep the puch sealed.

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Hi. I have an opened pouch (it is sealed but has been opened before) it has been sitting like this for 4 months. Should it be okay to use? Thanks!

If it’s been stored in a cool dark place, it should be ok.