Huel Black pouch open for 55 days - still safe?


I opened my Huel Black UU pouch on 20.12.2020, had some, closed the zip and put it in my kitchen cabinet. Today I was going to have some more, but immediately noticed the zip had opened and the pouch was open. I inspected the zip and it seemed to be in perfect condition, no powder stuck anywhere, but for what ever reason it just doesn’t stay shut. Pops open every time I turn my eye.

Question: WHY? I haven’t had this problem before.
Question 2: Is this safe to consume? It doesn’t smell or look bad, but I’d rather ask before taking my chances. Should I consume the remaining 1.4kg as fast as possible?
Question 3: was there a pouch / closing mechanism redesign in the works?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Maybe just a fault on that one bag

  2. if its been kept in a cool/dry/dark place should be fine

  3. yes - see here

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Sorry for this @Jonkki that’s real annoying, I’m sure it’s just a faulty pouch, perhaps decant it into a sealable container or get a few food clips/pegs to seal it. We’re working on a better sealing pouch, don’t worry.

This made me chuckle, perhaps it’s the same person opening your Huel pouch who hides one of every sock that goes in the washing machine.


Hi Tim. I also wanted to make Huel aware that it’s happened to me too. I have seen the faulty sealing in 8 out of 10 Black Editions I have tried with in the last few months.

I’m glad you are aware of this and already working on improving the zip of these pouches. :blush:

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I thought it was just me, and hence assumed I was just not able to close it properly. This makes me feel better tbh.


Is it possible there are some differences between Black and regular what comes to packaging?

Mine are ok if I give the zip closure a good flick where powder collects.

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They’re the same pouches, just different colour. As James has said on the thread Phil linked to, it’s in the works and should be solved soon!

Don’t worry @surrealsai it’s not just you! But do make sure the seam is cleared of powder, using the tip of a knife or credit card, or as Bee says, a good flick. Also, happy anniversary!


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Thanks Tim! I didn’t even realise. Good thing a customer randomly brought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts in for me, I’ll use those to celebrate!

I tried that, I think my bag doesn’t like me :frowning:

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Happy Hueliversary from me too @surrealsai. Here have another slice :cake:

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Thanks @Bee! :slight_smile:

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