Best before date?

Hi all!
I’m about to order Huel for the first time, but I’m wondering how long you can keep it.
Since I’m ordering from the Netherlands I’d like to order a lot at once and save on shipment cost (I am Dutch after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) , so before ordering I want to make sure I’m not going to end up with bags being past bbd.

To play it safely: About a year - but probably you can store it for much longer if you keep the bags sealed in a dark, cool place.


Thanks for your quick reply Jos! :+1:

If you order for the first time ordering a year’s worth might be a bit much - I would bite the bullet and get a small patch first to make sure I like, what I’m getting :sunglasses:

True that. I was thinking about ordering 112 meals every 6 months.
It’s for the 2 of us. We’ve been drinking green breakfast smoothies daily for years already, so worst case I’ll just mix in the Huel in the smoothies :smile: