Huel bar expiry date

I’ve got 3-4 boxes of bars with Xmas Eve as the expiry date.

There’s no way I’m going to eat them all in that time, does anyone know if they are ok past the expiry? I know it’s there for a reason but a lot of food is edible past its expiry so I would rather not waste if possible.

Hi there, we can’t recommend you consume Bars after the expiry date - sorry. When did you purchase these bars?

They’re vegan - you could eat them in March 2018 (at least). They may be a little less moist and maybe a little loss of nutrients but aside from that no issues I bet.

Alternatively sell them on the black market…there is a big demand for Huel bars at the moment…


Tim… I’m not sure, these were in my last batch I had delivered. I must have over estimated how often I would eat them but its a shame the expiry is so short.

I wonder about freezing them? has anyone tried this? I do have the same hunch as Hunzas…cant imagine them poisoning me come january…if you don’t hear from me next year you know why :slight_smile:

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Huel Bar blocker! I was going to offer Cris pennies for the excess of nasty crumbly things before the decomposing stench sets in & forces them to move home. Now you’ve spoilt my plan. Damned vegans & their abnormal obsession with ethics & morality.


I appreciate that sell by dates, expiry dates and use by dates are there for a reason…and it is the main reason we throw away so much food in the UK.

In my adult life (and I’m not gonna say how long that is…I really am quite old…I have only once vomited (excluding in my younger adult days when I may have either supped too many shandy beers, or smoked funny substances on top of a sherry or two, but I have eaten food that is well out of date. I have eaten Nakd bars that are 9 months out of date; I have eaten soya based yogurts that are 6 months out of date (still refrigerated), and I have eaten bread with bits of mould on. None of these have caused ill effects…if you wanna save a bar and send it to me at Easter I will happily document eating it to prove my confidence.

I’d be less likely to eat dairy or meat out of date (although that doesn’t concern me as I’ve been vegan for over 30 years).


Agreed. There are quite a few food related toxins which can kill you & not be easily detected but crucially where you find them you usually also find toxins that are obvious. Food wastage is obscene. Just do some research to discover what is & isn’t safe. Which foods to be careful with. It’s not rocket science.

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OK great, I just wanted to check!