How long does a Huel Bar last?

Im sure someone has asked this before but I cant see the answer and its not on the Huel Bar info page

  • how long does a sealed huel bar last before it expires?

Good question. I’m eating one right now and the best before date isn’t printed on the box, where it’s supposed to be. Naughty! I think it’s somewhere in the order of several months though.

Mine have all had a small sticky label on the box with the best before date and have been between 4 and 6 months.

Ditto. 5-pack purchased 20170224 with expiry 20170522: about three months in this instance. I think their stock of small packs turns over more slowly since people prefer to buy the big discounted boxes (those have certainly sold out fastest in the past), so suspect @Lilz’s numbers are about right…

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I ordered 80 bars which arrived today. The first box I’ve opened has a date of 22nd Jul 2017 on.

They have a 5 month shelf life - they don’t sit in our warehouse long, so you should have plently of time.


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Even then it’s only a “best before” rather than a “use by”. I’m assuming they’re probably fine to eat after the date?

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I’ve “forgotten” about my stock of bars for a while and I’m now eating the ones that have theoretically expired back in June. While they are a bit dryer than the fresh ones (yes, that’s possible) they taste roughly the same and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects.