Please show me the best before date before I order

So here I am, ordering Huel powder bags as usual, and want to add a few bars to the order. Unfortunately the minimum number of bars I can add is a rather large number, for seemingly no reason in particular. I’d like to know what the best before date of the bars, so that I can judge if I’m likely to consume this massive quantity of bars before then. This information is important for the purchase decision. Please make it available.

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The bars last about 8 months from production date… if that helps at all…

It’s pretty hard to make a box last two weeks :wink::laughing:

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From experience you usually get very close to the full shelf life of the bars.

But I agree you should not have to order 2 boxes of bars if you are already ordering 2 or more bags of powder.


it would be extremely difficult/almost impossible to do that as the BBE date will be different on every batch produced daily so there would be no way of telling which one you would be sent by the fulfilment house - I cant recall ever seeing any online food retailer who does that.

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The best you’ll get is a minimum life guarantee - Ocado do this, but it’s generally only useful for the perishable / short-life produce eg bread, dairy, veg, fridge items etc because they will give you a guaranteed minimum life of 3days, or a week for example. The longer life products eg tins and packets, they simply say ‘1month+’

With Huel, their turnover is pretty fast and they seem to be fairly good at managing stock - I think I always get close to the maximum shelf life. A couple of times I’ve got slightly older stock but that’s a fairly rare occurrence and only older by a month.

Sure, but it’s Huel which imposes the “no bars at all or loads of bars all at once” constraint, not the customers.

I know - I was answering the question if its possible to show the BBE for a particular delivery - which it isn’t.