BBE on bars 4 months!

Just received a new order of Huel bars and the BBE is December 21 which is half of the suggested 8 months listed on the web page. I wouldn’t mind but as you have to buy 2 boxes and I only have them now and again I probably wouldn’t normally get through 30 bars in only 4 (and a half) months.

Hey Martyn, sorry you weren’t pleased by that, we have to make a cut off somewhere and 4 and a half months is well within our cutoff for sending Bars to Hueligans. We remove stock when the BBD is 3 months away. e.g. if the BBD is Dec 2021, these would be pulled Oct 1st (bc the BBD goes until the end of the month).

(for anyone wondering, the short date products are either sold on site for discount or sent to FairShare. More info here)

I would suggest if you have more boxes close to the cut off that as you have to buy two boxes maybe send one at the close BBE and one newer box with closer to 8 months that way the user can open the nearer BBE first.

I’ve had it happen to me before, with 2 boxes of Salted Caramel I believe delivered with much less than 8 months on the bars, but like a lot of BBE dates they are conservative or bound by legal reasons. I’ve eaten bars months past their BBE date and I’ve not noticed any difference.

I only tend to have 1 a week, I bought some boxes as I didn’t need my normal subscription this month and wanted to stop adding the odd bar to every order.