Selling 2 x boxes of Huel bars

Bought some Huel bars to try but can’t stand them :unamused:

So, selling :

Box of v3.1 Peanut Butter flavour, 14 bars inside, BBE Jun 21
Box of v3.1 Chocolate flavour, 14 bars inside, BBE Jul 21

I’ll do them for £15 each, plus postage of £3 (whether one box or both) (or collect from Stockport if you are local).

Anyone want them?


if you don’t get any takers - you can also return them for a refund:

‘For opened boxes of Ready-to-drink and Bars, you will be refunded on the amount of bottles or bars you send back to us, not the amount you bought the whole box for.’

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Oh! I didn’t realise you could return opened boxes… thanks so much for pointing that out :slight_smile:
I will look into it…

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Yep, I’ll give these a go. Do you want to DM me with your bank details?

Lighteater : DM’d you …