Selling ~58xCocoa 2.0 Huel Bars - £50

Hi everyone,

I bought four boxes of Cocoa 2.0 Huel Bars a little while back but was never able to get used to them. I’ve since tried the Cocoa and Orange ones and much prefer them, but I’d rather these ones not go to waste if someone can get some use out of them. I have all four boxes still, with only a few eaten from one box. Their best before date is the 12th September 2018 (just over a month from now).

The price for four boxes (with the 10% subscription discount) is around £92, I’m listing these for £50 because they’re reasonably close to their date and a few have already been eaten. I’m willing to negotiate on this however, they will just go to waste otherwise after all.

I am based in South West London if somebody local sees this and we can avoid post, otherwise I should be able to post them no problem.


Hi there, I’m interested in these, looking to scale back my calorific deficit so these would help. I live in Cardiff so would require postage, could you DM if still available?

Hi there!

They’re still available - this may seem silly but I don’t actually seem to be able to send DM’s. I don’t know if it’s because my account is new, but even when I go to messages I don’t see the option. Could you perhaps DM me and hopefully I’m able to reply?

Hi Dan, I DM’d you yesterday, should be able to navigate to it in the top right