Anybody want some New Huel bars?

I bought some of the new Huel bars after reading how excited everybody was about them, but I’m still not keen on them. So I’ve got 15 cocoa orange flavour bars that I would like to send off to a better home. I’m happy to either send all 15, or split up the box and send a couple of bars to anybody who wants to try them. Please send me a message if you’re interested as they are just sitting in my cupboard feeling unloved at the moment!


have send you a message :slight_smile:

So have I :slight_smile:

Count me in if you have a couple left…

Would love to try one if you have any left!

I would definitely try but I’m in Italy…:pensive:

Have to say, I’m in the same boat as of this morning! My cacao orange Huel bars arrived two hours ago, I immediately ripped open the packaging and began devouring the contents… but was not blown away. They’re not awful, but not enjoyable either. I’m thinking to “power through” the box, as I do appreciate the nutritional profile… but I’ve already removed them from my subscription!

Happy to swap you for some V2.0? If you wish!

@Zabeen (or anyone else that’s just bought some v3 bars) - what’s the shelf life on them?
I have loads of v2 bars that expire in April, so need to use them up before starting on v3s, but my curiosity isn’t very patient and I really want to try out a v3 bar! So I’m wondering: if I buy a box of v3 now, how long will they last?

I too bought a box of the orange and cacao ones and I have to agree (for the purposes of getting the feedback in front of the Huel team) - they’re good but not great. Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing because I certainly don’t crave eating one - it’s more of a useful tool to satisfy hunger between meals (Huel or not).

I like that they are pretty dense - they definitely satisfy a hunger craving. If I ruled the Huel bar world, I would make them slightly sweeter and I would vary the texture so they had a little crunch in them (kind of like little granola pieces or something). I think I’d also make them smaller. 250 cals is a big move for a snack - they’d be better off in 125cal squares. Yeah sure, I can break it in half etc but 9 time out of 10 the other half will get eaten if it’s opened :slight_smile:

Can you ship to the USA?

Original post was 6 months ago so I’m pretty sure they’re already gone. BTW I love the v3 bars!