Free v2 bars choc orange (bbe Apr 19)

I have 13 cocoa orange Huel bars v2
Their BBE date is April 19 so they are out of date.
However, I have been eating them and not got ill!
Taste the same really!
For anyone that didn’t try v2 they are very hard and dry.
Personally I really like them. But I’m addicted to v3.1 so these just aren’t gonna get eaten.

Free to anyone that wants them.
Postage would be £3 within the UK.

First dibs to @jeffy89 who already asked for them ages ago but I was rubbish and didn’t get around to organising it ! (Sorry Chrissy! Tried DMing this morning but my message won’t send)

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Please note these are v2, not the v3 currently in outlet store.

I would love these please unless they have already gone! I live in the UK :slight_smile:

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Great! @mae24 you have second dibs!
I’m going to give @jeffy89 a couple days to respond (PM now sent!) because she did say yes please and then it was my fault for not getting round to actually organising it!
If I’ve not heard from her I’ll PM you for your address :slight_smile:

amazingggg cheers!

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Hey @mae24 sorry, jeffy got back to me, and I had promised her first.
I may well have another box in the back of the cupboard! (I thought I did but couldn’t find them) If they turn up they are yours xx

Ah shame, ok! let me know if you find them and I will take them off your hands!