Huel bar give away *closed*

Hi fellow Hueletarians!

final update
Congratulations @Squizzle and @Braco ! Thank you for unburdening me. =)
As a result of the above Hueletarians taking the below bars off of me, this offer has now expired.

I’m overwhelmed by the Huelnger for bars and might have to put in an order for a bigger inbox here at discuss.huel. I have a couple of candidates ready to ship off to, but to be able to make a somewhat fair call I’m thinking I’ll be leaving this open for a little bit longer, let’s say 13/6 16.00 Swedish time?

My criteria for making a final decision are:

  1. Make it reasonably easy for me to ship this off to you. (No custom, as little hassle with shipping as possible and no expenses on my behalf)
  2. A compelling reason to prioritize Hue (or do you spell that “you”?) Are you a student, passionate about Huel and want to give all your friends free samples, etc?
  3. Fallback: coin toss - yes, I’ll be using a coin with the Swedish King engraved.

I have 3 box of Huel bars sitting at my desk:

  • 15 x chocolate orange bars
  • 15 x coffe bars
  • 16 x (full box) cocoa

While I’m a big fan of the shake(s), the bars just isn’t for me. If they are for you, let me know and we can discuss the logistics! (I’d hate to throw away perfectly nutritionally complete food!)

EDIT: I’m based in Malmö, southern Sweden, occasionally travel to Stockholm, and have a friendly delivery service provider next door who happily use all of the big shipping companies.


Where abouts are you? Might be someone local to you that can make things easier to sort.

I’m on the south coast, would be very open to the box of coffee bars and/or choc orange.

Give em to me or someone is about to get dropkicked up in here.

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Happy to pay the postage for all…

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Doh, sorry guys! I should of course mentioned that I’m based in Malmö, southern Sweden. Editing my original post to reflect this.

Hey Tristan! I suppose that’s the southern coast of the US? If that’s right, you are probably right too, I need to find somebody Huelngry on this side the Atlantic. (Europe)

Yayks! You clearly need more Huel. =) Where are you based Senua? I just realized I forgot to mention that I’m based in Sweden and that world wide shipping of 46 Huel bars is probably not worth it?

From Spain, Im interestedd!!

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Hey im in Arlöv id love to take them from you

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Hi guys!

I’m overwhelmed by the responses. Clearly there is a market for the Huel bars too, even if I don’t particularly enjoyed them. =)

I’m struggling somewhat to come up with a completely fair solution (fairness is an illusion though, right?)

At the moment I’m leaning towards:

  1. Whoever is quickest with providing me with a practical solution to offload the bars in as painless a manner as possible (so no dealing with customs and no payment for delivery on my side) will be the lucky winner.
  2. Or, if you by PM can provide a really compelling reason that you should receive the package, I might bump you up in the order of priority?

O wow, a neighbour! Can you send me a PM Squizzle? I’m discussing options with others too so I can’t make any promises

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Id love to try them as I am to poor to buy lol (student)
I can drive to your front door anytime in Malmö :slight_smile:

Done bud and nice to see another Hueler in the area :smiley: I thought I was the only one hehe

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Thanks Squizzles! I know of at least one other Hueler in Lund, perhaps we can ask @Tim_Huel for a full customer list from the area and arrange a meet up? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh! I wonder if I know him/her. I am from Lund originally :slight_smile:

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Good luck with GDPR in effect now :stuck_out_tongue:


Jajaja dont make @Tim_Huel go to jail for that

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South Coast UK, but I can get Huel next day here and it deffo looks like Squizzle should be favourite.


Thanks @Tristan! @Squizzle - things are looking bright and sunny for you. =)

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That is promising news indeed! Christmas might come early this year :blush: