New Bars - what do you think?

Hey guys, we recently released Coffee Huel Bars and Cocoa & Orange Bars.

Coffee Huel Bars do have caffeine in too, 56mg per Bar.

We’re pretty darned pleased with them, I’ve been snacking on them relentlessly for the last few weeks(!), but we want to know what you think! Please do drop across your feedback here as we really take it on board :blush:


Orange bars are absolutely fabulous.

The orange taste is subtle yet obviously present, not quite overriding the cocoa base. Texture is great too, soft yet sturdy with a pleasant crunch here and there.

Only issue I’ve had is toxic wind, and that’s from someone who has had 4 scoops in the morning and 4 scoops in the evening for 2 years straight!

Thanks for that one! How many Bars are you eating in addition to your Powder? Sorry to hear of the flatulence, we don’t recommend you consume more than four per day!

I’ve ordered the cacao & orange bar. Can’t wait to try them!

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Only one bar every few days! I feel fine in terms of stomach aches or gurgles, but by God the scent is gruesome.

Not worth giving them up for though - Besides, I live alone so no complaints to be had :grin:


Take my money.
(As soon as I have some, that is)

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Yes! They’re just delivered!! Unfortunately I just eat my dinner, so can’t try one now…

I could go to the gym just for burning some calories so I can try a Huel bar… lol

So I tried the cacao & orange bar and totally agree with @GTIPuG. The orange is very subtle, overall it’s a smooth and balanced taste. I did find it a bit dry but I’m glad it isn’t another overly sweet, drowned in sirup muesli bar. Perfect for after a gym workout or as a mid-day snack.

Not tried the Coffee bars yet, but the Orange have lived up to expectations.
First up the aroma and scent of Orange oil is very obvious and appealing.
Next up the bite is medium and not hard/crumbly. Chewing reveals a nice balance of orange over cocoa and interesting textures to keep the mouth happy.
Very well done.
My question is, will there be any options to purchase mixed variety/denomination boxes of bars ?

The orange bars are great! Just nice to have an alternative to the normal bar - which is also pretty good.

Will I be in trouble if I eat 3 of those bars today? Because I was in a hurry this morning so I only had the time to grab some bars and then go to work. Now I’m wondering how my body is going to react on 3 of those bars. I’m used to eating Huel shakes, bars and granola so hopefully I’ll be fine… lol.

I’ve got the new coffee bars and I’m a little dissappointed that I can’t really taste the coffee flavour. I’m a coffee lover and I’m a bit let down with this flavour.

I’ve changed to the chocolate orange for my next delivery.

Also, is there any nutritional benefit to drinking the shakes over eating a bar?


@Lowdell Just so you know, with the orange bars the orange flavour is also very subtle.

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But really tasty, i’m just worried that I will eat too many of them now!

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I tried the orange Huel bars. I loved the taste, but they gave me terribly stinky and persistent wind, so back to original cocoa ones. I also found the orange ones a bit chalky and dry.

I ordered the coffee and very disappointed. Forced half a bar down and that was enough. Very dry and strong coffee taste, felt like I was eating coffee grains. Unfortunately can’t return.

Same here… I have a lot of them waiting to be eaten… too dry

I do like the Cocoa & Orange bars, but I’m hoping there’s another tweak coming up where the orange flavour is made a little less subtle :sunglasses:

Thanks for the feedback. We improved the dryness of the Bars in v2.0 and it was a huge improvement, however we are still working on new versions to improve it further. No dates yet, as we’re still trialling different ideas, but watch this space (not specifically this space on the forum!)

thanks Tim I didnt eat today one bar because it is so dry that I didnt wanted