Chocolate Orange Bars are up


I can’t wait to try them.

Also @TimOfficialHuel mind posting the label? Not yet available on SE version :smile:


How do you do that? We haven’t even posted it anywhere yet!


LOL! :joy:
It’s on if you go to Bars subcategory. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s also a coffee/cacoa one not sure if that’s new too though. I can’t recall there being a coffee one just a cacoa version. :thinking:


I know we have released them! I meant that no marketing messages had been posted yet (only just gone out!). No coffee bar, Coffee Huel Powder you mean!

You are sharp as a tack @Squizzle.


Ah, gotcha!

No surprise such an awesome company has such a dedicated fanbase eh :wink:

They both sound and look delicious. I will include a box with my next order. Keep up the good work, guys!


HAHA this is hilarious, Tim seems so stunned at how dedicated and attuned you are to their products @Squizzle #HuelSuperFans


Wow. I am so excited to try this.


Ordered, excited to try. Nice snack to have on hand in my office at work :smiley:


Poor Tim… :joy::wink:


Just as my was getting all my ducks in a row our man @Squizzle here beats @JamesCollier and I too the punch!

I love it though, great to have you all here, makes me smile!


All I can say is - wow. I have just tried my first one of these. It’s not quite like eating a Terry’s chocolate orange but the texture, consistency, flavour and satiety provided is spot on. It’s not overwhelmingly orange-flavoured but adds good mild flavouring to the still apparent underlying Huel. I could see myself replacing a LOT of my diet with these. Great work.


Folks who’ve tried them, how do they compare with the regular Huel bars? I found the regular ones a bit dry (mostly the oaty bits weren’t great) so they’re not on my regular order, but I love chocolate orange so I’m now wavering!

also, lol @Squizzle, you’ve won Huel Fan of the month award! :laughing:


Anyone mind telling me the sugar content per bar? Is it the same as cacoa?


Great to hear! Thanks a lot!


Haha yeah, this was a laugh lol :joy::+1:t3:


Sorry for delay on this, the nutritional profile for Cocoa Bar and the Cocoa & Orange Bar are identical - 25.4g of carbohydrate per Bar of which 11.2 sugars.


Had two bars now - One pre as pre workout before tonight’s shoulder session and one with breakfast this morning.

Absolutely cracking. Tasty, lovely texture, lovely smell and consistency.

People give it the biggun about them being dry, but that’s just because they’re used to your average cereal bar which is loaded with syrup and filled with sugar.


How do they compare to the regular bars - just a taste difference or is there a consistency variation too?


Just taste as far as I can tell. :slight_smile: