Orange smorange

Just about to tuck into my first orange bar. Wooooooooo. Feedback to follow!


The first thing that hit me is the smell! As soon as I opened the packet I got my nose in there and was rewarded with a delicious citrusy aroma that was very appetising.

Before I continue, a request. Please forgive me. I wanted to give you all a bit of my personal experience as I ate the bar but instead I inhaled the whole thing without a second thought :pig: Instead I give you a more in-depth review of my experience as a way to make up for my greed and impatience in the face of yumminess.

Since the bar is “cocoa and orange” flavour, I think I was expecting a flavour similar to Terry’s chocolate orange or something. It’s actually quite different. However, (forgive me Terry) this is actually a really, really good thing. The Huel bars can be pretty heavy-going at the best of times (gotta pack in all that goodness) so I was pleasantly surprised to find the orange flavour was very crisp and light, more like a tang that cut through the flavour of the bar itself rather than richness of its chocolatey, segmented cousin. It reminded me a little bit of those chocolates you sometimes get in selection boxes that have the sweet but tangy orange syrup inside, but combined with the taste of the bar the effect was much more subtle. The texture of the bar itself was spot on (long gone are the days of crumbly version 1 bars thank god); the bar was soft and a little chewy just like the original flavour version 2.0 bars. Unlike the original flavour however, this was not quite the usual convenience snack I scoff down when I’m so feeling so unbelievably lazy I can’t even be bothered to mix up a shake (don’t act like you don’t know). This bar was a luxury treat that whisked me away to childhood holidays in the rolling hills of Valencia, with the sweet smell of orange blossoms in the air.

As I look back on the last 5 minutes, I am troubled by two thoughts.

  1. Why aren’t you guys making this flavour for our shakes?!
  2. Will I be ok if I eat the whole box of 16 bars today :joy:

Thanks for your review! :smiley: I may just try these, after I buy a box of normal Huel bars for my birthday next week (yes Huel is totally an appropriate birthday treat) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to refer you to this thread: Errrm, Huel Poop


Thanks! Definitely have to try bars (and also granola for breakfast!) in my next order. Hell, I had only one Huel meal and already love the thing and the thought of experiments I can do with it. Is it mixed with some drug? :joy:



You will get us all arrested if the government finds out how good it is

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Coffee Huel Powder and Coffee Flavour Bars are mixed with coffee, so kinda mixed with drugs yeah!


This is awesome Ryan, thanks so so much! Really privilege to have you on the team!

Wait should I be getting paid for this I haven’t checked my post for any cheques in a while?


People will think I’m a shill! I just love Huel and have a lot of time on my hands you guys

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Yeah, but what about Pineapple and coconut? I love it too. I can understand Custard or Mocha, but Pineapple…great work! :smiley:

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Send across your bank deets mate :+1:

Yeah post up your pin number too.


Just take a picture of the front and back of your card.

Don’t send your email address though because #GDPR