New user on Huel bar, odd flavour?

I’m not really sure whether I’m having a batch problem with my chocolate/orange huel bars because I’m a first time user.

I have not noticed anything strange that I would not expect in the flavour of the two granolas or the unsweetened or vanilla huel powders I’ve tried, but the orange/chocolate bars is really weird.

I’m noticing a chemical aftertaste that I can only describe as similar to oven cleaner (such as Mr Muscle) that I cannot think is normal.

Please let me know if your experience is the same as I am unsure whether to continue eating them or to return. I’ve so far tried 3 different bars from the box

I should just add that I would not describe it as the bitterness you would experience with dark bitter chocolate, it’s definitely a nasty chemical aftertaste.

Also, if it’s normal I’m OK with it as I’m fairly committed to this Huel journey :slight_smile:

That is strange. It is not supposed to taste chemical. Just a bit austere, notsosweet, musty from oats and orangy.

oh dear, I could live with that, I don’t expect it to be too sweet.

Hmm, not so sure what to do now

Can’t think why they don’t use that in the promotional blurb. Would sell millions :stuck_out_tongue:

Huel: The taste of musty austerity*

*Sponsored by Brexit.