Chemical Like After Taste?

Hey, i have been looking at trying out huel for a while now. My goal is to eventually go 100% and i purchased my first 28 meal kit a few days ago, I got it delivered yesterday and was very excited to start. But after making myself a batch and putting a full teaspoon of the chocolate flavour and a full banana into it i still got the nasty chemical like after taste, i tried to drink it but the taste was too much for me to handle and was making me gip. Today i have tried a diffrent aproach filling my blender with strawberrys and a summer fruit mix to try combat the taste but im still getting the nasty aftertaste, although this time its bareable but im still struggling to drink it. Is this down to the sweetners? maybe a faulty batch? what do you guys use to combat the taste?

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I had this problem too. The first thing that hit me was the chemical taste, which surprised me considering the natural ingredient list. I think I’m particularly sensitive to artificial sweeteners - I can’t stand diet soft drinks for this reason - and I don’t think I’m the only one.
I did find, though, that it got better over time (I guess I got used to it), and eventually I switched to the unsweetened Huel - it took me a couple of days to get used to the flavour but I quite enjoy it now. I’ve just got half a bag of vanilla to get through (I can tolerate it, but it’s still way too sweet for my liking), after that I’ll be fully on the unsweetened.
I have also found that making it up the night before and leaving it in the fridge overnight really helps with the taste, too.

Yeah ive seen a few people mentioning that the un sweetened has an earth like taste but i would much prefer that! haha, I have almost two bags of the vanilla :L where abouts is huel based? you think theres a chance of me maybe swapping a bag for unsweetend?

2 teaspoons of flavouring is a huge amount to add, we recommend on the packaging to add half a teaspoon (2g) per 100g of Huel. Adding 4 times that amount, this could have something to do with it. It can be easy to put this down to artificial sweeteners, however stevia the sweetener used in our flavour systems is far more bitter tasting that sucralose.

Saying that, you are more than welcome to swap your unopened Vanilla Huel. We are based in Aylesbury, Bucks. It may be easier for you to send it back. Just read our returns policy carefully - - and we can sort this out for you.

Hey Tim! sorry you’ve read my reply wrong haha, i put a full banana not banana flavouring in. Oh and i did add half the chocolate but it tasted bad so i added the other half after :stuck_out_tongue: & ill have a look at the returns :slight_smile: thanks

oh also, when i made it today i didnt add any flavouring and it still has the same aftertaste so i wouldnt say it was the flavouring giving it the taste :slight_smile:

that’s a biblical amount of flavour. I go on the conservative side of half a teaspoon and if i use more i even find that too much.

Hey, a thing to potentially investigate in terms of funny aftertaste is interaction with toothpaste. I’ve noticed that having two things close in whichever order gives me a nasty taste in the throat for a day, so i brush my teeth a couple of hours after breakfast at work.

ive ruled out the flavouring as the cause as i made one today without any flavouring and it still had the exact same taste & vas i drank this before i brushed my teeth purposely so that it didnt taste horrible haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Face palm! Sorry, that changes it!

Genuinely we don’t think this could be to do with the sweetener. If you blind test Stevia next to Sucralose, Stevia taste far more chemical. Sometimes people do find our vitamin and mineral blend has a strange aftertaste. People have different taste buds and different tastes affect different people. Most have no problem with the taste! However, as I’ve said, send it back and we’ll happily replace it :slight_smile:

Have you tried mixing it the night before as Badger said? I find a nasty chemical taste if drinking it straight away…drink next day and this disappears…texture is better too.


can I ask if you’re using tap water at all?

My tap water, unless filtered, tastes quite ‘chemically’.

Just wondering how yours is straight out of the tap.

Many thanks.

Hey guys, SUCCESS! :smiley: I finally got around to getting some cinnamon and added about 3 teaspoons to 3 scoops and made it the night before, white the taste is still not exactly desirable I found it a hell of a lot better :slight_smile: practically no chemical aftertaste just really strong cinnamon :slight_smile: I added some coffee to try make it taste better and it helped slightly, taste isn’t the best but I finished the whole thing without trouble :slight_smile: thanks for you help :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it the Vanilla flavour. I got a comp bag of the stuff when I first showed interest (right back at the start of Huel) and I just couldn’t eat it. The artificial massively over sweetened taste just made me gip. However the unflavoured version is a different story. Occasionally I add frozen fruit and blitz it (after it’s been in the fridge for at least four hours), but normally I just have it straight. My fourth batch (twelfth packet) arrives today and I really enjoy consuming it.

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yeah next time im going to get the unflavoured for sure! haha, my new best friend is cinnamon now though, it completely gets rid of the nasty aftertaste :slight_smile:

I’ve had this problem too. No added sweetener (just the standard stuff) + mineral water. I mean, it’s not that bad, I can hack it, but would be interested to know why it tastes that way.

I’m on my 3rd week of Huel, standard vanilla. That after-taste goes away…well it’s there if you look for it…it’s there alright, but I got used to it…kinda even liking it.

I have the official Cacao flavour - I take that in the afternoons with 1/3rd of a teaspoon of cinnamon (My cinnamon is very potent!!) - but I actually prefer to have no flavourings at all in the mornings and enjoy it very much.

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If you are using the UU Huel then any aftertaste is likely to be from the vegan protein sources? Or have I misunderstood and [quote=“A7DC, post:16, topic:2592”]
just the standard stuff

actually means Vanilla?

@chrisdbarnett Great to hear you are enjoying the Cacao and the Vanilla on its own too.

Also, bearing this thread in mind … I looked for that aftertaste this morning and I couldn’t taste it.

It is my second serving out a new 2.2 bag.

So I don’t know if it’s tiny mind playing tricks on me or the receipe change in v2.2.

Sorry mate, that was confusing. “Standard stuff” referring to the unflavoured, non-sweetened version.