Highly Anticipated Sequel (Coffee Bars)


This week, I will be risking my taste buds again so you guys don’t have to. The hero this forum truly needs. So here it is, a follow-up to my earlier post RE: orange Huel bars, my unapologetically brief review of the new coffee bars.

If you like coffee,
And you know you love Huel bars,
You want some of this.

That is my first ever haiku. I thought this form would be a nice way to deliver my short and sweet message, so that you’d all be spared from my thoughts on the delicious aromas that transported me to the coffee farms of Colombia etc. Sequels are never as good as the original anyway amirite?!


Bonus for anyone who speaks Japanese (feedback welcome but please be gentle, I’m still learning); my actual first attempt at a haiku was in Japanese but it didn’t really translate well into English.


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Love this Ryan, thanks for the haiku too! Might have to incorporate this into an Instagram post!

You are welcome to, well done on the new product it’s great! Orange is still my fave but maybe just because I’ve had a fair bit of coffee Huel since my first bag arrived last week