Huel start-stop-start and question about expire date on bars

I ordered my first Huel in December 2018. After about 1,5 months I started to hate drinking it. I know Huel is all good but flavourwise it didn’t seem to work for me.
So I stopped using Huel shortly after my second order. But because I still have so much huel left, I did found it terrible to let it go to waste.

So yesterday I started using Huel again, with one change, I added milk instead of water. This makes to me a huge difference. And sure, extra callories are added this way, but it’s that or leaving Huel go to waste. I do still find it hard to abandone the richer flavors that “normal” food has. I use Huel for breakfast and Lunch but always find that the monotone flavor of Huel leaves me not completely satisfied.

My question: Are there more people like me that restart using huel after leaving it alone some time? I read on the internet that some people do 100% Huel for months, I just wonder how they do it. :slight_smile:

Second question. In december I also ordered some Huel bars. It seems that they expire in February 2019. Is it ok to still eat them after that date?

If they smell and taste ok, yes.
Micronutrients could be affected, but I sincerely doubt they are unedible.

I always make sure I add something else to the huel shakes…

for breakfast it’s honey or cinnamon (or both)… I use mixed berries for lunch, as well as almond/coconut milk and some flavour boost.

Keeps things a little bit more interesting for me.


Yes, Huel is so versatile that way. Loads of different flavours to experiment with.

Yes, I understand. I too tried adding different things (coffee/bananas/other (frozen) fruits) to get variations.
But I can’t help thinking that for me it really can’t replace a real meal that has a much more diverse palette of tastes. I’m still trying to learn to love Huel. For me the thing that keeps me drinking it for now is the convenience of it.

For those who love (and have time for) shopping, preparing and cooking healthy and nutritious meals from scratch there is no real point in buying Huel. My diet is more balanced with Huel than it was without it. I have one non-Huel meal a day, usually dinner.,and it suits me fine. I feel healthier than I have felt in ages.