Huel and the Brexit Apocalypse

Seems to me that there is a great opportunity for the marketing team to promote Huel as a staple for everyone (in the UK)'s “Brexit bunker”.

It can be easily hidden, or disguised in a cement or compost bag etc. Kept in paint tins, buckets. Gaps in walls, under floorboards. When the marauding hordes come for your food, you can rely on your stash of Huel should you run out of shotgun shells and somehow emerge alive, unscathed and uneaten.

I think I’ll be putting in an especially big order once a “no deal” is confirmed.

And possibly a job application for the marketing team…

“Huel: Space Age food for a post-civilisation Britain.”


That alone is a brilliant idea. Huel special edition in bags labelled up as building sand. The special police would never know! And if it gets confiscated for “the building of a sovereign british monument” at least you can have the satisfaction of having sabotaged the integrity of the finished product

(sidenote - I think my story might have gone more towards authoritarian dystopia rather than zombie apocalpyse :stuck_out_tongue: - both are equally likely if the media hype is to be believed)


if the media hype is to be believed



That’s a big if!

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. It’s an established fact that Britain would have crumbled millennia ago if it wasn’t for the European Union

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Mmm I like the idea

It’s settled science! I read so in the Guardian, and this awesome comedian whom I’m a fan of confirmed it for me on Twitter.


I am actually quite conflicted there - see, I do really enjoy the comedy of Stuart Lee despite not particularly agreeing with him politically. Which is kind of bizarre since his comedy is not entirely apolitical

On a side note I have a friend who insists that everything is in fact political - but on reflection I’ve decided that I don’t trust that statement since it must be political

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Huel fills me with national pride, not to mention it all began in Aylesbury just up the road from where I grew up. They can take our sandwiches, they can our German made cars, but they can’t take our Huel! .(…until Huel is forced to relocate it’s head office to Belgium to maintain current trading tariffs)

I actually think Huel wants to take away our sandwiches, not Brexit :stuck_out_tongue:


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Only the super expensive, slightly stale, not really that tasty ones :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: