Vegan Card and Huel

I saw this on Vegan Card: We’ve seen a big uptake in people using the HUEL offer. For those unaware what Huel is, it’s essentially a replacement meal powder (all vegan) which contains all the nutrients, fats, minerals etc that you need for the day, so you could eat it for every meal of the day and get everything your body needs! We can only assume this is in relation to stockpiling and the coronavirus.

I was speaking to some friends in the US earlier too who are casual Huel users but were talking about stocking up on it in case things go pear shaped now that Mickey & Donald are taking personal control of the situation.


It’s unlikely there will be food shortages. It’s still valuable to have a nice pile of Huel around the place so you don’t have to go to the shops as often. Reducing our exposure to other people is a good idea, to slow the spread of the virus. Because while no one is going to die from a shortage of food, people will definitely die if there’s a shortage of hospital beds.

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Someone in a Huel Facebook group posted a photo of their Huel stockpile earlier today. Impressive. [To be fair it seemed to be only about 8 or 9 bags.]

My regular order is basically stockpiling in that case. I have 12 bags right now. I should take a photo with it, while holding an assault rifle.




Hasta la vista, baby. I’ll be back…for more.

What’s the offer on Vegan Card?

A free night out with @Tim_Huel. Hand sanitiser not supplied.

or maybe just £10 off first order.


Sounds spicy. :hot_pepper:


What discount do you get if you sign up to Vegan card do you know please?

£10 off first order.