Happy ex-joylent using vegan x 2

Hey there, just wanted to express my gratitude for this fantastic product. Used Joylent for a couple of months or so on and off until it came to reupping and I found Huel. I got the non vegan version of Joylent despite being a vegan, because the vegan version hadn’t been invented at that point, after some discussions with the kind folk at Joylent.

But then when the vegan version was announced, I was delighted until I saw the increase in price, which I understand if you’re making a niche version of a product. Which is why I love the fact Huel is naturally vegan as it is, and made in the UK, and has less waste packaging, and tastes better, and has better design, and feels more satisfying.

I shared my first order with a vegan friend to minimise risk, he’s pleased too (although now I’m regretting giving him the shaker…) Safe to say I’ll definitely be reupping many a time, as im sure he will, and maybe some others I’ve put onto Joylent along the way. Cheers.

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I would have tried Joylent myself if it wasn’t for the soy.

I’m so pleased that Huel has come along. For me it is a perfect way to have a quick healthy breakfast and then snack throughout the day. I’m so used to it now, it’s almost automatic. Preparing Huel is the quickest food to prepare. Then drinking it throughout the day is as easy as drinking water.

I feel great on Huel actually. But I do still like my evening meals too :grinning:

I’ve tried the regular joylent version and Huel seems to be much more agreeable to me. I’ve tried Joylent, Queal and Huel and for each I gave it at least 5 days straight without eating anything else. Huel is the only one that I’d really be happy with eating long term. This is reinforced by a look at the ingredients. At the moment I usually eat a couple of Huel meals a day plus, like you, a normal evening meal. That seems to work brilliantly for me. I’m especially pleased now I can choose my own level of sweetness by using a combination of unsweetened/sweetened and additional flavours.

Going vegan was never really something that I’d seriously considered prior to experimenting with these powdered meals, but now I’d say that it’s definitely on the cards. Over the past maybe 5 years, I’ve gradually become probably 95% vegetarian. I do still occasionally eat meat if I visit a friend who has prepared it which is maybe one or two meals per week. But at home, I never have any meat at all any more. With Huel, it is really easy to choose vegan options for my evening meals, although I still enjoy cheese now and again (I’ve heard there are vegan alternatives though) - So, I guess I could be classified as Vegan-ish! I’m feeling good and am really happy with my diet at the moment. Suits me wonderfully.

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