Nailing Veganuary with Huel

I started using Huel to take the headache out of finding food suitable for vegans, nutritious and that keeps me feeling fuller for longer. I started being vegan last year and am finding the lack of choice when I’m travelling for work difficult. I’ve used Huel for a few days now at home and love the convenience and that it keeps me full for hours. Tastes good too. I’m using 2 scoops Vanilla with 500ml water and handful of frozen raspberries for breakfast which keeps me full until the afternoon. I’m travelling for work next week and will take Huel with me.image


Hi, I’m almost a year vegan and gluten free with allergies and intolerance’s too which is a nightmare for eating. I’ve recently gone back to 100% Huel - I’ve done it a couple of times but keep going back to food lol which is daft as I love Huel and when taking it don’t need to take supplements etc. I make mine the same way too, its yummy :smile:

Going 100% Huel is not for me, I enjoy eating and cooking too much. I’m using Huel to fill the gaps when I can’t find decent filling vegan food when I’m away from home (like today) and for breakfast. So far it’s working well. Just had my second Huel of the day: 2 scoops of vanilla powder with water. It’s a bit lumpy without a blender and I miss the frozen raspberries addition but it tasted good anyway and was much cheaper than the only vegan room service option of 25€!

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Gosh that’s expensive! Do you put the Huel in before the water?

I put the water first, then shook the shaker, is there a better way?

That’s what I do, maybe a bit more water?

Ok will try that tomorrow, thanks!

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Cool! Let us know how you get on

No no, it’s a nice idea but most people report that you should use less water… hear me out. Put in around 300ml and two scoops, shake it up, then add the rest of your water to taste. This ensures there’s enough space in the bottle for a good shaking! Good luck and happy Hueling!


Agreed, less water to begin with, so that there’s enough room for proper agitation of the mixture, it’s like mixing a hot chocolate, you start with less milk/water, and then add more once the first lot is mixed in.