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Hello. I’m trying to go Vegan & as dont like cooking & spending to much money eating out rubbish food been researching a protien meal replacement powder. I also get tummy cramps & been looking into FODMAP. i waa researching Huel & noticed the black bag. I would like advice on the products you supply. Also i noticed you tubers give out a discount code. How do i get one to order… thank you. Don Swansea South Wales

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Welcome to the forum, Don!

I can’t answer any of your questions, except to say I’ve been consuming Huel for almost four years, once or twice a day, combining it with a 16:8 intermittent fasting regime, and it’s done me a power of good.

There are a lot of good people here and the staff, like @Tim_Huel and @Julian, are super helpful and responsive. You’re in good hands if you choose to stay!

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Hey Don, welcome to the forum! Great to have you hear and I think Huel can help you. All Huel products are suitable for vegans, so you’re good there and all Huel products are way more convenient than cooking a meal from scratch. RTD is probably the most convenient meal, and Bars similarly convenient snack, but let’s be honest all Huel is super convenient! Cost is low for all Huel meals, obviously this depends what you compare to, but compared to stuff you would eat out, on the go or in restaurants Huel is more cost effective and more nutritious too.

Huel Powder is low FODMAP but Hot & Savoury, Ready-to-drink and the Bars aren’t low FODMAP. You can read read more about FODMAPs here. There are many here though who use Huel to manage conditions like IBS so may be able to talk about their experiences. For you though, it’s best to see your GP or even a FODMAP-trained dietitian.

It’s probably because they’re signed up to our Refer-a-friend scheme, basically anyone who has purchased Huel can refer someone else, by doing so their friend get’s £10 off. So you could use one of the YouTubers or someone here I’m sure can give you theirs (anyone reading this, perhaps just do this via DM though, since I wouldn’t like the forum to just be all refer a friend codes!)

Let us know what specifically you would like to know and I’ll do my best! You can find out more info here though!

But we’ve got a bit of a walk through here too for first time Hueligans!