Advice before I buy?

Hey! So I have been considering meal replacements on and off for years but have never taken the leap. I’m morbidly obese at around 25 stone which I reached gradually over the years due to a combination of a lack of exercise, poor mental health, bad nutritional behaviour and other health issues. It’s easy to tell me to eat healthy and move my ass but I really hate exercise (especially due to pain, sweating and self consciousness) and my mental health took a dive this year. However my weight and my mental health are a vicious cycle that I need to break as they just feed into each other and I cannot take it anymore. I am in a slightly better mentally, so I want to try and make a start on my weight.

I struggle with food in terms of eating properly and healthily because I often have issues with energy levels so I simply can’t be bothered to cook, or even eat. This usually results in me either not eating or eating junk - either random food or takeaway. I am vegetarian and lactose intolerant. I have low vitamin D and B12. I also think I might be intolerant to gluten. I’m trying to work out what Huel powder would be better for me. Gluten-Free v3.0 or Black Edition. My understanding is that the Black Edition has no oats due to having less carbs and has more protein, and Gluten-Free v3.0 has oats, but are gluten free ones.

My current idea is to have one Huel drink, one Huel Hot & Savoury meal and one normal meal a day. I might not do this every day, maybe every 2 or 3 days, depends on how I feel. For me, just having Huel available would be so that I can make a meal drink that contains the things my body needs when I’m having an off day and don’t feel like eating. It’s a bonus if it helps with my weight loss journey.

What advice do people have?

Emma :slight_smile:

The only advice I have is to not overthink anything and just get started! :relaxed: Once you’re on your way, you can refine your plans based on what is working and what isn’t.

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Are you me?? Without huel I usually skip meals or eat garbage (I’m talking Doritos and biscuits for lunch). I can tell you huel has helped 10000% with this. Every so often I used to try to be the type of person who would cook, eat a proper breakfast, make amazing meals with tofu and sunflower seeds and the juice of an organic free range lemon. But I finally gave into the fact that I’m not that person. I am lazy. Huel allows me to be lazy while still getting good nutrition and I feel mentally and physically better for it. No stressing over what to eat, washing up, and no feeling like garbage because I just swallowed an entire packet of biscuits like a snake. If you’re lazy about food, huel is amazing.

I think the best advice when you’re starting out is to really stick with it. I really didn’t like the taste when I first tried it, and it took me a while to get the texture right. My first few Huel’s were lumpy and disgusting. I stuck with it because I like the concept, and over time I’ve really grown to like the taste. So if your first experience isn’t great, keep at it, tastebuds are easily swayed. I also think it helps if you don’t think of huel as a shake to sit and enjoy, but more like fuel for your body. You’re giving your body nutrients, it’s just like a pit stop so you can get on with the rest of your day.

In terms of which meals to replace with huel- go with whichever ones you feel like! There’s really no right or wrong way to do it (as long as you put the liquid in first and powder second). I have huel for breakfast and lunch, and then a normal meal. It definitely keeps you full, but in the beginning you might find a psychological need to eat/chew food as it can be difficult to get used to drinking meals. I got through this by snacking on crunchy seaweed, but some people chew gum or something. I don’t do that anymore but in the beginning it helped.

What flavours are you looking at getting?


Overthinking everything is one of my traits haha. I need to work on that. I just want to be sure I understand stuff and get the right thing that suits me. It’s great that there’s the Flavour Taster Pack but it’s no good without the actual main powder which is still £50, just wish they did a small Taster Pack of the main powder too, to go with the Flavour Taster Pack lol. I’m not being silly and there is, is there? :sweat_smile:

Hi Herb! Thanks for replying. I think you ARE me! I’ll also eat crisps and biscuits - and lately the crisps happen to be Doritos. I sometimes make crisp sandwiches. Same! I would go through times where I would try to be good and actually cook nice meals such as tofu stuffed peppers or Quorn spaghetti bolognese etc, but I just don’t have the energy or motivation. I’m also not a fan of cooking because I’m impatient and don’t like heat. I could never work in the restaurant industry, I don’t know how people do it, unless it’s their passion. I just feel that if I have a bag of Huel available I’ll feel better and relaxed, not having to stress about what I’m going to eat or not eat all the time.

I do have a habit of trying things then giving up so I am a little worried that I’ll do that, but I’m determined to give it a go and stick to it. As you say, it’s just trial and error, so I expect to make mistakes, unless I get lucky and make it well the first time lol. I’m just wondering what base flavour I should get? As I have seen there’s Unflavoured and Original, plus Vanilla which might be okay to mix flavours with if it’s not strong? Yeah exactly, I just need something to give me the nutrients my body needs.

Finding what meal to replace would depend on the day, situation and my mood etc so would probably vary often. Just having the option is all that matters to me. So you say that it’s best to have water in the cup first then pour the powder in, not put powder in the cup and pour water in? Why is that? I have never eaten seaweed, it has always seemed weird and gross to me lol.

I would look into getting Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Berry flavours. :slight_smile:

no - but you can buy single bottles of the ready to drink or the snack bars at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and some shell and spar petrol station convenience stores if you want to try out the ‘Huel Experience’ :slight_smile:

use the store location with your postcode and it will show what stores carry what products close to you

I know it’s expensive and I was hesitant to take the plunge. (Nearly all my posts here are about gathering people’s opinions on what they like!) But just get started. Pick one bag, it is not 50, it’s 25 and just try.

If you’re contemplating the Black Edition instead, I can strongly recommend Salted Caramel.

It doesn’t let me only pick one bag though, I have to buy two so therefore spend £50. Just seems odd that they offer the £3 Flavour Taster Packs but not a smaller base Taster Pack of Huel to go with it to mix with. A mini bag for £10 or something would be cool, like enough for 2 - 3 days or 5 meals or something.

I think there is a distinction between a single purchase and a subscription for recurring deliveries. As far as I know you can buy a single bag if you’re not looking for a subscription (to be able to try it out).

But I could be wrong.

ok why do I now really fancy a dorito sarnie? :yum:

Welcome to the team @elfwinters, great to have you on board! Thanks guys for offering up so much great advice!

Adding the powder, then water to the shaker leads to really lumpy Huel. The powder gets in the edges and doesn’t mix as well. So add 500ml of cold water, plus two scoops and shake really hard for 10 seconds! There’s a video here and another video with loads of tips!

This is correct, you have to purchase two pouches. What I think Harish is referring to is when you purchase, say, two boxes of RTD you can add on a single pouch of powder to your order for £25.

We don’t believe sample pouches are the right way to try Huel. We used to do them, but a smaller pouch led to people making Huel wrong and having a bad experience and ultimately not coming back. So we ditched it. Huel isn’t the sort of product you try once and instantly love the taste. The taste requires some adaption to your preferences, and the benefits of Huel aren’t apparent after one or a few samples. You need to build Huel into your lifestyle to reap the rewards.

Hope that makes sense! Any other questions just fire away.

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