Flavour Boosts and FODMAPs

Hello there,

I’ve started using Huel and I have to say its really great. The nutrition information and FAQ is really informative and the team seems so informed on dietary needs! I just want to know one last thing before deep diving into my FODMAP diet with Huel making a decent portion of it. This may seem pernickety but my IBS is so severe I don’t want to mess up the diet.

On a previous thread, it was stated that they’re not low FODMAP but should be fine in small amounts. If I might ask, which part isn’t low FODMAP and how much would be too much? The only part of the ingredients that may not be low FODMAP seems to be the “Natural Flavourings” which doesn’t give much away.

Thanks for the help!

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Hey Ray, yes it’s what makes up the natural flavourings. It’s not possible to say how much is too much as different people have different tolerances.

Did you order the flavour boost sample set with your order because that’s a good way to try all the flavours and for you, you can test the waters before buying a larger bag?


I did buy some flavour packs and they’re great. Since my IBS is too severe I cannot tell what would set off my stomach. I’ve decided that once I start phase 1, I’ll just use Huel Black Chocolate as a part of the diet and then in the introduction phase, bring in some of the flavours. Luckily I know which flavours I like now and I’ll get for phase 2 later.


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It might be worth flavouring it yourself with ingredients you know are safe for you. There are a few good ideas on the forum.

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That actually sounds great! Thanks for the idea, I’ll check it out.