At last!

So I got huel last week and from day one, when I’ve been using it, I haven’t smacked in between on chocolate or junk. It fills me up and it lasts as well :raised_hands:t2:

On top of that, it seems to work really well with my IBS- I looked it up and found it was low FODMAP and I’ve got to say I am impressed. Low FODMAP as a diet is restrictive and a minefield at best, but I’m enjoying huel, it’s convenient and I can eat the foods that treat my body nicely.

I’m looking to lose a bit of weight and get more energy from my diet so hopefully the long term effects stand up too.

Anyone else found some nice side effects from using Huel that they didnt expect? :slight_smile:


New hair growth and much stronger nails after 6 months of use. My skin is a bit drier though. Cholesterol is reduced to a level that makes my GP weep with joy.

Enjoy the Huel journey!

Somehow it has increased my ability to digest vegetables. Before, 200-250g per day was my limit that disn’t cause diarrhea and unpleasant sensations in the intestines. After some weeks of huel-only (low in calories) this summer I can eat 500g without problems now (might be even more, didn’t want to stretch it yet). Being able to eat them without fearing they might screw me up is very pleasant. I really crave vegetables now.

I definitely wouldn’t have expected this!