Positive reinforcements needed!


I’ve followed a low FODMAP diet before which worked wonders for my digestive system; however apparently I like food too much and am rubbish at sticking to anything for longer than a month!

So I decided on Huel as my new ‘thing’ :roll_eyes::joy:

I started yesterday with 3 scoops of vanilla and 400ml of water. Oh my lawwdd it was a struggle to the end but I tried it with banana Nesquik today and it wasn’t so bad. The one big thing I’ve noticed though, and I’m sure everyone else has too because you can’t miss it, is the bloating! I look a good 6 months pregnant and feel like a puffa fish :weary:

Please tell me it gets better! :pray:t3:

If you are bloating you probably have a food intolerance to something. I used to get bloating and really bad smelly flatulance with any lactose products like milk and whey. Go and see your Doctor and ask about food allergies and intolerances. They can test you for it so you know what to avoid or at least minimise consumption of.

I know that I have issues with intolerances from following the Fodmap diet, which is why I went for Huel because of the positive reviews.

I’ve only been having Huel for lunch. I never eat breakfast anyway and then I’m eating a full healthy dinner with a probiotic yoghurt every day.

It’s day 4 now and I’m still as bloated as ever. I’ve also still not been to the toilet.

Has anyone else had this kind of reaction? And does it get better?

I’ve not had any such reactions to Huel and it’s been two months now of almost daily use.

However, just to pick up on one thing in your post - 3 scoops with 400 mil of water is not the recommended mixture! Yes, you mix with 400 mil first, but THEN you add more water and shake further. This is to get a consistency that’s right for you; I add enough to take the finished level to 600 mil on the shaker.

So try using more water. It might help…

Hi. Yeah I was going to the same thing, I’d maybe try only 2 scoops to start with then when your body gets use to it perhaps up the scoops. It took me a good week or so to get the consistency right and for my body to adjust. I also add a banana and frozen strawberries etc coz I’m only using the 2 scoops instead of 3, to bulk it up a tad but not as much as another scoop and to give flavour as I mainly use UU. Hope you find a soloution as I really love being on HUEL.

I didn’t want to make it too watery which is why I was only using 400ml of water with two scoops. I didn’t mind how thick it was but I haven’t had any now for 3 days because it was just not agreeing with my body.
I’ve thought about trying every other day with more water in the mix this time but I’m just not sure whether to put my body through it again :confused:

Yes, it’s not nice when it goes wrong!

I’ve come of it now and will just use up what I have left in one-off shakes for when I’m out and about, spacing them many days apart to give my body a break!