BIG News - Subscriptions now live! Save an extra 7.5%

Hey Huelers,

BIG News - Subscriptions now live!! Save an extra 7.5%




I was hoping to also be able to select the frequency of the deliveries.

For example, I want to order the 112 meal option (to get the biggest saving), but have this delivered every 6 weeks because that’s roughly how long it’ll take me to get through it.

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@eldrin good point, you can pause and cancel at any stage, but you should get the option to adjust the frequency. Leave it with me, we will have a solution shortly.


Fantastic news! Thanks Julian and everyone else at Huel.

Brilliant. Would also like to choose my delivery frequency.

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You guys really know how to listen, and care for your customer base.

Thanks for your hard work, let me know where I can send some vouchers. Would love to buy you a coffee!


Excellent, I was placing my order and saw this earlier, takes the hassle out of remembering to buy and running out! Thanks

Great news and many thanks for listening. It’s very nice to enjoy being your customer !

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Maybe add a description of that the subscription would entail by the option? I think I might be interested but I have no idea what obligation that would entail…

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Great news, but could I please request that as part of the subscription we could order X bags of flavours? I like the U/U version but I only flavour it with the Huel flavours so it’d be a pain to have to order those separately.

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Yes, the ability to include flavour packs in the subscription would be good.

Thank you @Marcus and @sk8ninja we are the case and will often this next week.

@VAS the description of the subscription service is now live.

Awesome! This makes Huel more affordable. I just ordered a week ago (meaning I’ll hopefully get my Huel sometime next week), but after that, chances are good I’ll get a subscription.

Well that was easy…'ish. Now a subscriber. :grin:


When going through the process of checking out after adding a subscription to my basket, it clearly indicates I can use PayPal.

But then on the following pages it only gives the option to put in a credit card number. There is no way to actually pay with PayPal.

Did anyone in the Huel office try the checkout process with a subscription to see that all the information presented during the checkout process is accurate?

Something else that should’ve been picked up as well: after choosing every 6 weeks, the next page that appears says ‘6 per week(s)’.

The problem is that the basket is on - then the checkout splits (not our choice) if you subscribe you get taken to (no paypal) and if not you go through the normal shopify checkout - (paypal).

Yes it’s clunky, yes it’s annoying, yes we are trying to get bold apps and shopify to play ball, yes our hands are partly tied, yes we are sorry.

I take it bitcoin option isn’t working with sub and save either? :frowning:

Officially a Huel subscriber. This is one of the few companies where the product and service gets better with every purchase/encounter. Fan for life right here.

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