Offer all Huel products on Amazon


I buy most of my groceries off of Amazon Pantry and Amazon Subscribe & Save. Huel is my only separate subscription service for food.

It would be good if Huel would offer all their products, Huel and flavourings, via Amazon Pantry and Amazon Subscribe & Save. Amazon will promote Huel, and allow customers to keep all their orders in one place, whilst also managing the deliveries for you, removing the cost of DPD.

Please, please, please offer this! I would buy so much more regularly with it.

Hey there,

This is something I’ve looked into in the past, and asked about being on the Amazon Pantry and subscribe & save plans. I was told that the Pantry requires you to be on the marketplace for a certain period of time, and the subscription is an invite only option, so we have to wait for Amazon to deem us worthy I’m sorry to say.

However, Amazon are quite pricey. Whilst we have to pay for DPD here, they get a cut of the sale as well as charge us the delivery fee, so it’s actually much cheaper for us right now to sell it on our site.

Hmm. Completely understand the cost of Amazon’s fees on-top. I would still like the option of being able to put anything through Amazon, though. As they do Saturday delivery, so it can arrive with all my other items. I’m fine paying a bit more to accomodate the fees and luxury of using Amazon for this.

By listing it on Amazon you aren’t losing anything, potentially gaining more exposure.

Could you look into placing them on there? I definitely would prefer to order through Amazon, to reduce deliveries and manage everything much more easily.

Already is

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Yep, there are the Huel powders, but not the flavours from what I remember, nor are they part of Subscribe & Save or Pantry or fulfilled by Amazon. I need one of those programs in order to manage the deliveries.

As Gulliver states they’re waiting an Amazon invite for Subscribe and Save and they have to be selling on Marketplace for a period of time before listed on Pantry so I guess it’s a waiting game and no doubt will be announced on the forum. Saturday would be handier for me too but my DPD guy is pretty good and knows where to put it if I’m not in.

Saying on that I’m with Amazon Prime and I’ve now had two ‘Next Day’ deliveries not actually delivered next day (in fact two days later and still nothing) with an ‘apology’ from Amazon but no actual reason as to why no delivery…

Just noticed it does state Fulfilled by Amazon

Strange, in 3-4 years of using Amazon, I’ve only had 1 late delivery. They always deliver on-time for me, even if I order a minute before the cut-off point for the next-day delivery.

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Amazon have contacted recently about changing how Huel is listed, from Marketplace to retail, so this may lead to us being invited into them, but Amazon take ages to get back to us.

Just FYI, our flavour pouches are sent via Royal Mail 1st class post when ordered on their own, which 93% of the time delivers the next day, and does deliver on Saturdays.


Amazon Pantry has a page where we can give product names that we want added, I’ve put Huel on there. Hopefully that helps.

I understand about the Royal Mail delivery, but even then, it isn’t guaranteed for Saturday and you can’t really track where the order is. With Amazon you get all this.

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