Huel no longer available from Amazon?

I’ve noticed that Huel no longer appears on the Amazon website? I have checked several times, so just wondering whether this is more than just a stocking issue?

Didn’t realise it was ever available?

28 meal worth is in stock at the minute via Amazon.

But appears to be on sale via a coffee company.

Huel is back available on Amazon if you want to buy it from there -

I’d rather buy it direct from Huel anyway, it’s cheaper on a subscription and for bigger orders and yet you know all the money goes to Huel without Amazon taking a cut.


Can you get the GF version on Amazon?

Many thanks - order placed!

Not yet no, we have started with the Vanilla to see how amazon get on with that. We are cautious with putting lots of products on Amazon because as soon as anything goes wrong with someone’s order (maybe they receive regular when they need gluten free) we cannot do anything to help in terms of returns.

However this will be coming quite soon I expect. Out of interest @Diabolos72 why would you want to order from Amazon when you can get faster delivery on the Huel website? If the same discounts were available with GF would you consider buying from

No bad thing to have on Amazon if you are getting positive reviews as people really do follow them… Amazon is good as you can order and get next day with Prime with one click on your phone. When the Huel ordering app comes out all the better…

To be honest the subscription thing isn’t great for me - I just like to order when I need but at the moment I just manipulate my subscription to do this. But would be nice to be able to add a flavour pouch sometimes etc…

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I was thinking of using this year’s Christmas Amazon vouchers to pay for my Huel. It would be a nice change to buy things that I actually use and need this year.

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Huel is currently out of stock, any idea when it might come back into stock? I have plenty of Amazon voucher that I’d like to use.

Amazon have over 200 pouches of Huel but they can’t find them so we are in discussions with them. Sorry but we don’t currently have an ETA.

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Hi, I’ve been using Huel for around 6 months now. Ordering from Amazon is quite a big thing for me as it allows me to use the locker service. I travel extensively with work and spend little time at home so collecting it from the locker is the only practical way I have of taking delivery.

Wonder if they ever turned up or somebody at Amazon must of liked the taste of it and took all the stash home for themselves. 200 pouches lot of money.

Mind you a Seller here trying to double his money, probably hunzas and his Arfur Daley mates lol

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Probably diverted them to their lab for evaluation and copying! Seems Amazon have their own brand product now. Looked yday didn’t see it on the UK site

I wrote about it the other day :slight_smile: The macros/micros are way off for a Complete Food product, it’s hard to argue with how nutritionally dense it is but you’re not likely to use it for a majority of your meals.


Good write up thanks.

See a few people clicked on the link in my last post - wasn’t intended to be a link seems to be autoconverte d by the board. I was letting everyone know it was only on the US and not UK version :hushed:

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Removed link to Amazon for you.

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Still not available.