Any physical UK stockists?

Hi guys!

I’ve done a forum search and can’t find any reference to stockists… Are there any shops who sell this, or is it just via the website right now?



No physical stores. The Huel website, Amazon and maybe a few peeps on eBay.

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Thanks! Hadn’t thought of Amazon… I buy a lot through there, will compare the two :slight_smile:

You do realise it all comes from the same place, and it would be a curious state of affairs if it was cheaper on Amazon?

You do realise I wasn’t comparing for Amazon being cheaper, but more expensive? I order a lot from there and notice it’s on Prime, which means that it’s kept at an Amazon warehouse, not at whichever depot is used for direct sales. Prime has certain extra costs attributed to it, so the product could have been more expensive.

Also, it may not be next day if I order from where it is from Amazon. Lots of reasons to compare!

Thank you for your concern… Less for your tone.

Ah, yes. Always good to check for the more expensive options when shopping around. :grin:

My apologies. I can confirm you’ve found one.

I can order up to 6pm on Amazon and get it next day… Only 3pm on here. There are valid differences. It’s the same price, but of course no bulk discounts. Less ability to choose flavours as well (vanilla or vanilla and unflavoured, but no unsweetened only).
And DPD/Interlink know me well, so definitely more worth ordering from here! But still worth looking :slight_smile:

That does seem pretty universally worse.

The stuff lasts a long time and it’s obvious when you’re running short, so I’m not sure what good that extra 3 hour window would be. In terms of thinking as an ordinary consumer, anyway (if you’ve found a way of converting it into crystal meth, your secret is safe with me. :wink:

We don’t sell Huel in any stores currently, no. It is something we would consider but not for a long while. I can see why some order from Amazon, with all their delivery and payment information already logged it can be ordered probably in 3 clicks. However, do bear in mind @MasterPip that if this is your first time order you would receive a free shaker, scoop and t-shirt by ordering from us. The former two items would make your experience significantly better; the latter would just make you look cool!

Either way, hope you get along well with Huel!


I love amazon and have amazon prime but I’m very careful what I buy from them as DH has unwittingly bought fake goods from them in the past (henceforth known as hush poopies) Ebay is renowned for fake products and I’d be very careful about buying foodstuffs from them that are readily available elsewhere.

My DPD driver is called Damien and we see each other so regularly that we may well exchange Christmas gifts this year :wink:



Shhhhh… I thought they wanted recipes?? :wink:

@TimOfficeHuel - Oh absolutely! Plus if my trial pack goes well (it should be arriving tomorrow) then I’ll jump onto a subscription anyway which is way better. Don’t particularly need the shaker, but I’m all about the scoops!

@Nik - My driver is called David! Though today Rhys came around. I wonder if it’ll be DPD or Interlink Express - it’s IE that I see most weeks for my massive chocolate deliveries :smiley: