Huel gone from amazon?

Anyone know if/when huel will be returning to amazon? Cheaper to buy from there as postage to NI is extra.

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I’m hoping to have it back up by next week at the latest. We had a sudden uplift in orders from Amazon and the stock that has been resent hasn’t been received/processed yet.

Do you want me to email you/DM you when it’s ready?


Just wondered if there’s any update on this at all please. Also might the full product range including the flavours be available on Amazon?

I’m a bit put off ordering direct from Huel as the last time delivery took a while, and I had quite a hassle with the courier pretending to have tried to deliver when I was out, and spending ages on the phone plus about a fiver in call charges getting it rearranged. Whereas with Amazon things just arrive without a second thought! Thanks

Hi Gareth,

I’m sorry you had issues with this last time. Did you contact to or work directly through the courier?

The vanilla is now back on Amazon, and we will be expanding the range of Huel on Amazon in the coming weeks.

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Wow, Huel is on Amazon!

I just checked. Great! Any chance of more options and the gluten free version appearing m?

This will be on be next week I’m hoping. Depends on how quickly Amazon can book it all in.

Just went direct to the courier. Great that it’s back on now!

If you do order through in the future and have issues, feel free to email . We speak to DPD every day so can generally get things sorted faster and a bit quicker than you having too. Though hopefully there won’t be any issues!

Check Amazon now! There should be stock of gluten free vanilla and unflavoured and non-gluten free vanilla and unflavoured available if you search Huel.

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