New formula confusion

I’ve been close to 100% huel for over a year now. The new formula change was a very welcome change as I found along with many others that the last one had not improved it and I wasn’t enjoying my huel like I had been.
So I had 3 weeks worth of new huel and loved it, a great improvement in texture etc.
I had ordered that direct from huel and paid with amazon pay. All good no problems.
I’ve just ordered on Friday for next day delivery direct from amazon as I was ordering other items as well all to be delivered together. They arrived yesterday and shock/horror the huel is the old huel with calcium citrate in. So after having 3 weeks of new huel I now have ended up back on the old huel which I don’t actually like that much especially after having the new one.
Is this because amazon have a large stockpile of old huel? When the new one was launched I have not seen any information regarding the fact that we could still end up with the old one if buying direct from amazon.
Or have I missed something? If I have it’s my fault, if I haven’t then I am now a very unhappy 100% hueler.

Hey Kevin, thanks for the message.

That’s correct. Although the Amazon webpage doesn’t expressly say that it is v2.2 with calcium citrate it does say on the ingredients and is all up to date - I’m sorry that this wasn’t clearer though. We have to send Huel in large quantity to Amazon and naturally the stock declines at a slower rate than it does at our own fulfilment facility; this means Amazon will generally be behind

I’ll drop you a message, would love to sort this out for you :slight_smile:

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